We offer

Guidelign offers computer guided surgery planning for guided dental implant. Computer guided surgery planning makes use of computer software for implant planning and fabricating high quality surgical guides. This enables the surgeon to carry out surgery flawlessly with accurate implants, hence providing better experience to both, the doctor and the patient. We make use of 3D Printing technology to ensure the digital data is accurately and quickly captured in the physical surgical guide. This enables us to provide a unique product customized for each individual.

How it works?

1. Scan and send

Start with CBCT scan of patient's mandibular or maxillary arch or both. Then send the patient scan information i.e. CBCT scan files to us through mail or courier. Click here to read more.

2. Implant planning and guide design

Using the planning software, we can accurately identify bone availability and place the implants accurately, which can be done either by bone guided placement or restoration guided placement. Click here to read more

3. Surgical guide fabrication

We use latest and best 3D technology platforms available that produce the parts upto an accuracy of 10 microns. Click here to read more.


Elimination of human error !
Accurate implants !
Sutureless, faster recovery !
Customized for each patient !
Improved doctor and patient experience !